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Pro Off-Road

Infrared Custom Display Solution

Including our GUA 8" Heavy Duty Screen

GUA SnakeEye Thermal Night Vision Camera System

combination with our 8" high definition view screen. 

GUA SnakeEye Thermal Far Infrared Night Vision System provides enhanced visual assistance when driving under impaired vision environments. Transform your off-road capabilities with our

Pro Off-Road Custom IR Display Solution.

This GUA Screen and IR Camera combo can be used in all different applications like Off Road trucks, Side by side vehicles and other industries like Marine. This product is portable, and can be easily installed and uninstalled in different applications. 

Photo 2019-11-06, 01 29 03.jpg


  • High Defnition revolution 800 x 480

  • On screen display with our Infrared Night vision system with custom screen display

  • Working time of 6 hours

  • Light weight: 1,2 kilograms

  • Product size: 260 x 180 x 40mm

  • Start up time: 10 seconds

  • Working temperature: -20°C ~+60 °C

  • Storage temperature: -30°C ~ +70° C

  • Environmental adaptability: All steel frame, enhanced vibration, shock, moisture, salt spray, low pressure, and electromagnetic compatibility.

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